Community Resilience

There are times when, due to situations totally out of anyone’s control communities could find themselves isolated and alone for some time.

Severe weather springs to mind, the recent floods across the country have demonstrated the need of communities to be able to manage until outside help arrives. At particular risk are the elderly and vulnerable, communities must therefore be prepared to aid those incapable of aiding themselves.

In an emergency affecting life or property call 999.

The Local Authorities within the Local Resilience Forum area (Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington) will look after the community as community leaders, ensuring that the population, its parishes and towns receive the best care possible.

However, resources are not endless and we have to ensure they reach those in most need, and that they employed to maximum effect. This cannot be achieved without the assistance of the community, the very people it seeks to protect. Community emergency planning is therefore a vital element of Community Preparedness.

Community Resilience work is taking place at Local Authority level.  Cheshire Authorities have been working with numerous Parish Councils to produce Community Emergency Plans


  • To promote and enhance community resilience within Local Authorities against all threats and hazards.
  • To clarify the process whereby the council and its constituent Town and Parish Councils will access, utilise and co-ordinate services, resources and expertise in order to support the various local communities within the area during a major emergency with particular regard to the support and needs of vulnerable people.
  • To build a Cheshire Community Resilience Network website and forum where best practise and experiences can be shared, bidding for funding to cover areas such as training for volunteers, a location to direct members to useful websites and documents.
    For more information go to Communities Prepared website hosted by The Emergency Planning College