Faith communities in the Northwest are not a ‘sector’ like any other. They have their own distinct ways of organising themselves. Their administrative boundaries do not necessarily coincide with political boundaries.

They certainly do not coincide with each others! This can make them difficult to ‘do business with’. It should be born in mind, however, that it is faith communities’ diversity that makes them valuable partners in engaging the hard to reach.

Who are the faith communities?

Church Yard 2Described as the glue that holds society together, faith groups are significant contributors to the life of the region.

They are proven to be strongest where social need is highest, they are custodians of our built heritage, attract tourists, offer social support and care to vulnerable members of society, and stimulate unrivalled levels of volunteering.

Faith communities frequently underestimate their own collective impact on the quality of life of the region, despite having a long tradition of working in the community.

The Cheshire Resilience Forum are conscious of the support the faith communities offer in an emergency and they are seen very much as the glue that holds society together.

Government at every level is increasingly exploring ways of using the experience and resources of faith communities on the ground to deliver services.

The Department for Communities and Local Government, the Home Office and other government departments at regional and local level are increasingly coming to realise the importance of engaging with faith communities along with the voluntary and community sector.

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Promoting good inter faith relations

The Inter Faith Network for the UK was founded in 1987 to promote good relations between people of different faiths in this country. Its member organisations include representative bodies from the Baha’i; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jain; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; and Zoroastrian communities; national and local inter faith bodies; and academic institutions and educational bodies concerned with inter faith issues.

Inter Faith network