Advice for young people

ICE ( In case of an Emergency)

ICE (In case of Emergency) is a notification system to the Emergency Services should you be involved in an accident or incident and not nbe able to communicate.

People of all ages need to be prepared for emergencies like anyone else.

Young people should check with their parents to see if they have any family plans or agreed arrangements in place in the event you have to evacuate your home or if you are out and about and become separated in an emergency.

Make sure you insert the word ICE (In case of Emergency) in front of your next of kin or best friends name on your mobile phone.

If you are involved in an accident and you are unable to talk, the emergency services will look for the word ICE on your mobile phone and contact that person.

If you are planning to visit somewhere with your friends always agree a meeting place in case an emergency incident happens and you are separated.

Do this even if you all have mobile phones as you cannot guarantee that the mobile phone network will be available if a major emergency occurs.

If you are planning a visit or holiday to another country agree to either phone or text a member of your family or a friend who is staying at home on a regular basis so that they know you are safe.

Where practical try and produce an itinerary of where you are going and the places you may be staying.

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