Emergency Pocket Leaflet

Cheshire Local Resilience Forum launched a new public awareness raising campaign, ‘Help us to Help you, Be Prepared for Emergencies’. Launched across the Cheshire, Halton and Warrington localin a wide range of venues ranging from libraries and leisure centres, to health premises and hospitals. The chances of you and your family being caught up in a major emergency are low. However, it is very important that you have made the necessary preparations to protect yourself, your family and others. The Emergency Pocket Leaflet will show you how.

This template will help you and your family prepare for an emergency. The Plan will let you record potential dangers in and around your home and put into place ways of dealing with them.

For guidance, you and your family can download examples of completed H.E.L.P.-Household Emergency Life-Saving Plans

In The Event Of An Emergency – You should take the following action, unless you are told to do otherwise by the emergency services:

  • Go In – Go inside a safe building and stay away from doors and windows
  • Do not collect children from school as arrangements will be made for their safety and care.
  • Stay In – Stay inside until you are advised to do otherwise by the emergency services.
  • Close all doors, windows and vents.
  • Limit your use of the telephones – keep your lines free for emergency use only
  • Tune In – Tune into your local radio station, TV and internet news channels.

Local emergency responders will use these to send you information.

To ensure you can ‘Tune in’, make sure you have spare batteries for your radio and  mobile – if the nature of the emergency means you have no power supply to your house, you will have to self power your devices.

Industrial Accident – If there is a warning of an industrial accident near you, it is important that you follow the above advice, i.e. Go In, Stay In, Tune In.

Flooding – What are the risks? Call the Environment Agency’s Floodline service on 0845 9881188, or visit their flood risk pages to find out whether or not the area you live in is at risk. You can also find out whether you are eligable to receive free flood warnings.

If You Are Evacuated – If you are asked to leave your home by the emergency services, take your completed Household Emergency Life-Saving Plan (HELP) and your Emergency Grab Bag.

The Emergency Pocket leaflet is being updated and will be published soon.