Emergency planning exercises

Part of our preparation includes regular emergency planning exercises where we bring together all of the agencies in a staged situation.

This lets us practise coordinating our response so that we can act quickly and effectively should a real emergency occur.

We will be publishing details of emergency planning exercises taking place within the Cheshire Resilience Forum area on a regular basis.

For details of upcoming emergency planning exercises follow the link If you are interested in taking part in an exercise as a volunteer, you can email lrf.queries@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Previous emergency planning exercises

Joint Emergency Services Interoperability procedure training (JESIP)

Representatives from Fire, Police, Ambulance, NHS and Local Authorities have been practicing their response to the dangers associated with an illegal drugs laboratory. The exercise forms part of a rolling program of training which sets out a standard approach to multi agency working.

Inspector Dan Reynolds sported a new Police Commanders tabard. “ Actually a really good exercise and great working with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Ambulance Crews”.

You can download the JESIP app to your phone 📞 and if you’ve never heard of it then head to http://www.jesip.org.uk