Cross Border MOU Airport


A cross-border Memorandum of Understanding has  been signed between Manchester City Council, and Cheshire East / Cheshire West and Chester Borough Councils’, which will enhance the multi-agency delivery of humanitarian and welfare assistance to those affected during any possible aircraft incident in the Cheshire area.”

The aim of the Memorandum is to provide a clear framework under which Manchester City Council and /or its partner agencies may be requested to provide or co-ordinate specialist humanitarian assistance or advice to Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester Borough Councils’.in the event of an aircraft related accident occurring within their boundaries.

Its objectives are to:

  • establish the activation criteria for the protocols of the Memorandum and
    the method by which assistance from will be requested in order to minimise
    delays and response times.
  • document the range, extent and timescales of any response that may be
    provided or co-ordinated by Manchester City Council in the event of a
    request for assistance.
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of Manchester City Council and
    Cheshire East / Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council personnel
    requested to respond to an aircraft related incident or emergency.

The scope of the Memorandum applies only:

  • in the event of an aircraft related accident that: occurs within the
    boundaries of the  Boroughs of Cheshire East and / or Cheshire West and
  • to an aircraft inbound or outbound from Manchester Airport
  • under the direction of Greater Manchester Police or Cheshire Police,
    in establishing an Evacuee Reception Centre / Survivor Reception Centre
    or Friends and Family Reception Centre or any other local authority-
    led humanitarian response.