The Cheshire Resilience Forum was formed following the publication of The Civil Contingencies Act 2004. It replaced the Strategic Emergency Liaison Committee (SELC), which had been providing Emergency Planning Direction and co-ordination of Emergency Response in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington for many years.

Following a review of the existing structures for the emergency response it was felt that the Resilience Forum required a single document drawing together the separate plans developed by Cheshire Resilience Forum agencies.

This plan is the result of that work and will help us to provide a unified response if there is an emergency. It will also help us set out clear management structures during any emergency.

This document has been prepared having regard to the latest agreed procedures circulated by the following organisations:

The aim of this document is to set out the response to an emergency requiring multi agency co-ordination.

Cheshire Resilience Forum Emergency Response Manual 

Cheshire RF Media Plan

This Plan sets out the overarching principles which co-ordinate the response of agencies and the media to a major incident in Cheshire.

Each incident involves an individual set of circumstances which formulate our specific responses to it – our response to major flooding in the area would be different to our response to a plane crash or chemical release for example. However, there is also a set of generic principles which can be applied to each set of circumstance and which govern how we work together as communicators to achieve the best possible outcome.

This Plan outlines those generic, organising principles. It should be read in conjunction with the specific plans prepared by each agency for its own detailed response to particular incidents.

This Plan recognises the importance of planning, agreeing, applying, and exercising a co-ordinated communications response by the emergency services, health, local authorities, other agencies, and industry in keeping the public warned and informed during a major incident in Cheshire.

During the formulation of this Plan, consultation has taken place with the emergency services, local authorities, health, media, and industry.

This Plan is a living, dynamic document. It will be subject to formal review by the Communications leads for each public sector responder annually, following changes in key legislation if sooner, or after an incident has occurred. Following implementation of the Plan in an emergency, review will also take place to ensure that the Cheshire LRF Media Plan continues to embody the best of current good practice.