Vulnerable Self Assessment Tool for Businesses

The Vulnerable Self Assessment Tool has been launched for Businesses. The toolkit will protect your business against terrorism.


The VSAT is an online tool aimed at small to medium enterprises that may not have necessarily considered themselves as, or even ‘part of’ a crowded place or being vulnerable to an attack.

The VSAT programme offers a fast, free method to assess a business, ensuring business resilience. The launch demonstrated how businesses and staff can use the VSAT tool to best prepare against the threat by assessing and improving security and business continuity

Developed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office in partnership with leading businesses across the UK, VSAT assiss owners, operators and those responsible for the security of crowded places to determine their vulnerability to terrorist attack and other security concerns

The online self assessment consists of a number of questions and will provide an understanding of what is needed to be put in place to reduce vulnerability to attack. The online assessment will also produce a list of recommendations.

In order to protect businesses interests and commercial sensitivities the report is only available to the individual user.

The VSAT will provide

  • Signposting to best practice
  • 12 months Business Continuity Management tool
  • Increased local engagement with police security experts (Counter Terrorism Security Advisors)
  • Training Opportunities
  • Written assessment report with recommendations covering, Physical Security, Personnel Security, Information Security, Good House Keeping and Risk Management VSAT will provide a means to identify and reduce the vulnerability to businesses across Cheshire and help protect our communities. VSAT is aimed at those responsible for security of Education, Health, Hotels and Restaurants, Major Events, Places of Worship, Cinemas and Theatres, Commercial Centres, Stadia and Arenas, Shopping Centres, Retail, Visitor Attractions and Bar, Clubs and Pubs.

Register for VSAT

To register for the VSAT email all that is required is an email address and description of your business.

You will then receive by email you log on details for the VSAT website, it is just a matter of completing the survey and receiving your automated report.

Register for VSAT

If you require further advice you contact your local CTSAs on the above email address or ring 01606 36 2121. Andy Priest LCGI Counter Terrorism Security Advisor Cheshire Constabulary.

Frequently asked questions

What is VSAT?

The Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool is a national online security questionnaire that is aimed at business. The questionnaire once complete will generate a security report that will advise the business on how to reduce their vulnerability to a terrorist incident.

Which businesses can complete a VSAT questionnaire?

VSAT is aimed at those businesses within Education, Health, Hotels and Restaurants, Major Events, Places of Worship, Cinemas and Theatres, Commercial Centres, Stadia and Arenas, Shopping centres, Retail, Visitor Attractions and Bar, Clubs and Pubs.

Who should complete the VSAT questionnaire?

Anyone who has knowledge about the security of the site or business.

How much will it cost?

It is free of charge and will take no more than 10 minutes to complete

What benefits will business receive from VSAT?

They will receive a bespoke security report identifying their vulnerability and advice on how to reduce that vulnerability, helping to protect their business and the surrounding community.

What will be included in the report?

The report will give advice on: Physical Security Personnel Security Information Security Good housekeeping and Risk Management

Will I get help in the future after completing the VSAT?

Yes, you will be given access to your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor who will be able to give you further security advice and you will receive free of charge a twelve month Business Continuity Management tool.

How easy is it to register for VSAT?

Registration is easy, email, they will register you with the VSAT site and you will then receive an email asking you to log on and set your password.

Where can I receive more information about VSAT?

More information can be found at or email . News articles All news articles are sourced from our partner agencies. If you have a good news article or information which would be useful to the communities of Cheshire please contact us.