Business Continuity

Major emergencies can happen quickly and without warning. Statistics show that almost one in five businesses will be hit by a major disruption every year. Consequences can result in loss of customers, loss of revenue and even collapse of business.

What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management can be defined as the management of activities and processes providing a framework for protecting your business in the event of an emergency.

A business continuity plan sets clear roles and responsibilities. Setting out what parts of the organisation’s activities and resources is essential in helping your business survive in an emergency.

Why is Business Continuity Management important?

Preparedness is the key. Business Continuity Planning is a way to ensure that your organisation has a quick and effective return to “business as usual” in the event of a major emergency. Business Continuity Management also enables businesses / services to identify those that are essential and must be provided.

Planning in advance can protect you and your business. It is essential that businesses ask themselves if they have effective business continuity plans in place.