Be Prepared

How to Prepare

Within Cheshire, we work hard to reduce the risk of an emergency incident. However, it’s always good to be prepared. There are a few things you can do to make sure you and your family are ready.

Planning for an emergency

Step one – Be informed

To prepare for an emergency, take time to find out:

  • where and how to turn off water, gas and electricity supplies in your home
  • the emergency procedures for your children at school
  • the emergency procedures at your workplace
  • how your family will stay in contact in the event of an emergency
  • if any elderly or vulnerable neighbours might need your help
  • How to tune in to your local radio station – Click here for a list of your local radio stations


For the Car

  • Ample Fuel
  • De-icer
  • Emergency Kit
  • A Radio and Batteries
  • Mobile Phone with a fully charged battery
  • Spare clothing for yourself and your children
  • Water or warm drinks and possible food or chocolate bars for the children.

    Whilst you journey may only be short, in real terms, you may get tied up in traffic jams through no fault of your own.
    Better to be prepared.

For the Home

  • A supply of candles, matches, batteries and a torch
  • Radio, battery operated, tuned to the local radio station
  • A list of useful phone numbers – Police, utilities, Local Authority


  • Listen to travel advice
  • Make sure emergency equipment is accessible.  Have standby arrangements such as cooking/heating sources
  • If you have vulnerable neighbours keep an eye on them.

If an incident does happen

  • Shout as loudly as possible.
  • If you think someone wants to steal something, do not fight back – your safety
    is more important than your property.
  • When you are in a safe place, contact the police to report the incident.